Original packaging
arrangement of METATRON
Original products of Institute of Practical Psychophysics, released by registred trademark METATRON ®, are easily identified from the fake on appearance and an arrangement of hardware and also on a fully functional software (no more crushed codes and nonworking buttons!)
In a standard packaging arrangement
of METATRON included:
  • Device is in a strictly stated form with a logo:
    • etched on a front panel (the old logo is used on machines
      applied in Russia, the new one is for other countries).
    • etched on a top panel a model's name
    • etched on the back panel a serial number, release date,
      juristical data of manufacturer (IPP) and his official representative
      in Europe (IPP-Europe), information of correspondence to all
      the EU's requirements for this kind of products
  • Bioinducters with trigger sensor, rigorously stated form
    (no any earphones, manual electrodes and pulse fixers) with model name
  • Bioresonance camera, rigorously stated form, size and color
  • The notebook HP ProBook series with installed software
    (in packaging of Metapathia GR Hunter is also included
    flash-disk with program files)
  • Power supply unit for device, network adapter for laptop, USB-cable
  • Branded case Rimowa or BWH
  • Technical documentation (user’s manual and technical passport
    with IPP-Europe requisites)